Hey there, Grinning Gremlins!

Mostly, I chat about the horror genre from scary books to chilling flicks on this frightfully awesome editorial, but I also enjoy sharing my opinions on other spooky nonsense. As a future screenwriter, I explore all the elements of overused tropes. Like the paranormal romance formula for example…

Girl meets mysterious hot boy. Despite the weird behavior of the boy, the girl is irresistibly drawn to him. Boy does impossible feats that the girl witnesses. Girl confronts boy, and he rudely denies everything. Everyone else is clueless. 

The boy saves girl in some daring way, and they fall in love. Complications arise when his (take your pick: werewolf, vampire, angel, demon, etc.) true identity is revealed. A confession of the boy’s supernatural aspect or other explanation is given. Girl freaks out, but still likes hot boy. Then outside forces attack and threaten their happiness. Boy and girl overcome obstacles to be together, and they get their happy-ever-after.

Except I didn’t get any fairy-tale ending with my true love. Not that I’ve, um, ever met a supernatural person in real life. Nope. Not me…

Peace, love, and horror flicks,


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