#StarlightSaga Book Cover Series Reveal

Hey fans of the Starlight Saga!

I decided to design new covers for the Starlight Saga trilogy yet again. 😃 

Once every year or two, I like to update the covers on my fiction books. I came across this cute model who resembled Sloane so closely that I decided the covers needed a fresh design. 

Please let me know what you think about the updated Starlight Saga book cover designs and if you like the new stock model I found for Sloane. I think this model is perfect, adorable, and I love her dark-side outfits!




BEYOND FALLING STARS (volume 3 coming soon!)


~ ~ ~ 

The main recurring story ARC (theme) is Forbidden Love, which causes the obstacles Hayden and Sloane must face and overcome even more complicated for the young couple as they struggle to decide if their relationship is worth fighting for…and even dying for.

Opposing forces, mainly from Hayden’s relationships (ex-girlfriend, arranged marriage, prejudice/racism, and family drama) cause the most conflict within this ill-fated love story and those key factors constantly threaten their relationship.

Love doesn’t necessarily triumph over all, but by working through their issues together, this teen couple can definitely get through a lot, especially since they are crazy in love.


Hey there, Grinning Gremlins!

Mostly, I chat about the horror genre from scary books to chilling flicks on this frightfully awesome editorial, but I also enjoy sharing my opinions on other spooky nonsense. As a future screenwriter, I explore all the elements of overused tropes. Like the paranormal romance formula for example…

Girl meets mysterious hot boy. Despite the weird behavior of the boy, the girl is irresistibly drawn to him. Boy does impossible feats that the girl witnesses. Girl confronts boy, and he rudely denies everything. Everyone else is clueless. 

The boy saves girl in some daring way, and they fall in love. Complications arise when his (take your pick: werewolf, vampire, angel, demon, etc.) true identity is revealed. A confession of the boy’s supernatural aspect or other explanation is given. Girl freaks out, but still likes hot boy. Then outside forces attack and threaten their happiness. Boy and girl overcome obstacles to be together, and they get their happy-ever-after.

Except I didn’t get any fairy-tale ending with my true love. Not that I’ve, um, ever met a supernatural person in real life. Nope. Not me…

Peace, love, and horror flicks,