Hey there, Grinning Gremlins!

This cliché is just a craptastic schlock-fest…

Why are the humans always considered the good guys, and aliens are the evil baddies that crash-landed on Earth to wreak havoc?

There are some good stories with the opposite scenarios, like Superman, District 9, Avatar, and Transformers, where the humans are the major jerkwads. 

Then there are those evil extraterrestrials that are always trying to attack our planet because of some valuable resource that no other rotating rock in space seems to have. Or for some reason humans are just special snowflakes. 

And what about the tropes that alien races aren’t ugly space invaders? That most aliens resemble humans because of a comparable evolution. Eh, whateves.

I guess I could believe a few Martian-like anthropologists might be stationed on Earth to study humans. 

And those  rumors about aliens having secret hybrid offspring secretly living among us?

Nah. Too cliché.

Peace, love, and horror flicks,


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