Starlight Saga Reviews

★★★★★ Must-Read YA Series! 
 "... a turbo-charged fantasy that you will NOT want to miss! From each scene to each character, there was never a dull moment, never a plot lag as she deftly switched from tender to daring moments in this emotional character driven plot. A dash of intrigue, a dollop of deceit and a delicate love story and Lost in Starlight is an Earthbound teens perfect summer read as one fights to keep their heart from becoming bruised one moment and wanting to kick some "authority" butt the next!" -  Dii TOP 500 REVIEWER

★★★★★ Absolutely loved this book. 

"The main character has purple hair, rocks the Hot Topic look, and loves the same  movies that I do. Sloane is amazing!...She loves zombies, horror flicks, and keeps a survival pack in her garage in case of a zombie outbreak. Witty and tough, she's a character that readers will definitely enjoy. Sloane's major crush, Hayden, is hot, brooding, and hides some wild secrets. Readers will love the fast-paced and adventurous plot that gets seriously dangerous. Add in some heartbreak and some hot kisses to make this book a five star read." - Read For Your Future 

4 Stars ~ The only thing standing in their way? Oh... just about everything and everyone.
By Ash Amazon reviewer

Sloane as a female heroine was refreshing and unique. I really dug the fact that she had her own style, and despite her very real insecurities, she wasn't ashamed to be true to herself. In addition to being a modern day Nancy Drew/ Reporter/ Horror film junkie, she likes to chow down on some delicious food without guilt or remorse.

While Hayden may be the typical hot guy that girls swoon over, Sloane soon learns that he is anything but. Her gut instincts tell her there is more going on with Hayden than the average teenage problems. When she starts following him around and delving into his business, she ends up getting more than she bargained for. She finds herself thrust into a world with all sorts of crazy stuff going on, and the chemistry between her and the mysterious Hayden really heats up.

The only thing standing in their way? Oh... just about everything and everyone. The odds are really stacked against these two, and we get our fair share of snarky villains in this story. At the end we are left with a cliffy, but I suspect that things are about to get a lot crazier in the next installment.

4 Stars ~ LOVED IT!
By Whitney(Shooting Stars Reviews) 

Lost in Starlight begins when Sloane has to do a story on her crush the secretive bad boy Hayden who just moved here six months ago. She starts to notice some strange things about him, but things change when her crush turns into something so much more. Now after uncovering his secret she must now be very careful not to let anyone know about it. And since Hayden must follow certain rules these two can't be in a romantic relationship... or can they?

This book reminds me a lot of the Lux series, with a little bit of "superhero" thrown in. It was very good though! I really enjoyed the plot line, and both of the main characters. The chemistry between the Hayden and Sloane was explosive as well, and I couldn't get enough of it. I loved Sloane's personality. She wasn't afraid to stick up for herself, and for those she loves. And Hayden is a lot like that as well, but he's sort of the rebel too.

There were only three things that bugged me about the story:

1) The cliffhanger ending. Ahh I loved where the ending took us, but I also didn't like it because it just left us hanging. Now I can not wait till the next book.

2) I felt once Hayden and Sloane "got together" things for them sort of went really fast.

3) I hated the fact that Sloane was so smart she knew something strange was going on with Hayden, but when someone strange was following her she tried to blow it off. Now this last one didn't last too long, but it still bothered me that she didn't pick up on who it was faster, it made it seem like she wasn't as smart as she originally seemed.

Other than those three things this book was awesome. And now I can not wait to read more in this series!

4 stars ~ Aliens!
By Brittany @ Spare Time Book Blog
First off, I love alien books! So this one was perfect for me. Sloane is an average girl who goes to school, writes a column for the school paper, and has a crush on a guy. She has purple hair, loves horror movies, and is not a rail thing chick. She has rockin curves which sometimes makes her an easy target for bullies. She has been observing Hayden, crush guy, for a while for an article. When she starts to see weird things. Bending utinsels without using hands and moving from one place to another at crazy speeds. Something about Hayden is not normal. He's hiding something and Sloane is going to figure out what it is! Through the course of her investigation her feelings for Hayden grow and he realizes how amazing Sloane is. Will figuring out Hayden's secret be worth it or will it destroy them?

Hayden is an insanely smart guy who has huge dreams. Oh, and he's an alien so that complicates things. Being with Sloane is against the rules. It puts them both in danger. From both the government who is trying to keep the aliens a secret and from Tama. Tama is Hayden's crazy jealous ex-girlfriend. I guess that is one thing humans and aliens have in common. I mean, we can all guess who is scarier (crazy ex!). Sloane and Hayden are so good for each other. Despite all the people in their lives telling them otherwise. Things for them are not easy and keeping their relationship a secret is harder. Would you be able to do it? I know I wouldn't have with crazy teenage hormones! Things between them get seriously hot at times. Will their forbidden relationship last?

This books is a perfect combination of action, love, and danger. I read it in 2 days. I really enjoyed this book. Of course I love sci-fi and aliens. I loved how we got to read Sloane's articles during the book. I felt like we could have been friends. Being a female, I think we all know what it's like to be made fun of especially with it comes to your body. She dealt with it so well and she didn't change because of it which is awesome! I can't wait for book 2!