Hey there, Grinning Gremlins!

These campy horror flick tropes make me wanna throw popcorn at the screen!

Why whenever teens go camping or venture into the spooky forest, the writers usually have the same boring stereotypes? Like the big-breasted chick, the jerkwad athlete, the wisecracking black person, the geeky dude, the nice virgin, and the hot male lead.

Wanna predict who survives this lame fest? The “Final Girl” or virgin, and sometimes her boyfriend, but not likely. Although, it could turn out like Cabin in the Woods

Just once, I wish a Black, Latino, or Asian character would be the lone survivor. Or any race filmmakers include to have the characters more ethnically diverse.

This next cliché deserves a double eye roll. Why do the characters say, “Let’s split up, gang!” And why do these allegedly smart people always think it’s such a brilliant idea?

Everybody knows the bad guys are lurking nearby, but still someone’s gotta stupidly exclaim, “We’re gonna explore that pitch-dark area over there, while you guys check that less dark and scary place, and then we’ll meet up later.” 

Just rewatch episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and count how times the group loses each other, or Scooby-Doo, where Shaggy and Scooby are split up in every episode. Blech! 

Peace, love, and horror flicks,


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